Remote control volume buttons do not work when TV is on


I have recently bought Playbar and I have one issue with remote control. I can stream music via Sonos Controller to Playbar, I can also connect Playbar and my TV (LG UH750V). I have configured remote control and volume buttons work but only when the TV is turned off. When the TV is turned on, volume buttons on the remote control do not work. I have to use Sonos Controller for volume control. Otherwise remote control works as expected.

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Hello Goran and welcome to the community. Sounds like there could be IR interference caused by the TV screen. Since IR is a light signal the TV screen's brightness can interfere along with a few other things. For troubleshooting steps check out our FAQ: PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE not recognizing TV remote and let us know how it goes.
Hi Tyler,

I did try all the suggestions from the FAQ, but unfortunately none of them helped. Just to repeat my problem: remote control works when the TV is turned off, but it does not work when the TV is turned on.

Thank you!
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So it sounds like the problem is with your tv and not Sonos. Go through your tv settings and make sure your TV speakers are off and it is putting sound out to the optical port.
Found (almost perfect) solution (

Now remote works when TV is on, but does not work when TV if off. I is good enough for me at this time.
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that is great! But it should work all the time. Question is this remote IR or RF? The PlayBar only works with IR. If it is IR have the PlayBar "re-learn" your remote with the TV off. I still think the TV is not set up right. I have the TV speakers off at all times. The only sound comes from the PlayBar.

Good Luck

You can always call Sonos and get them to help.
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As a matter of interest does anyone know what cost would be added to the Playbar if it was able to work with both RF & IR signals? If very little, then I think it would be a good idea if the Playbar would accept either type of signal.
LG's Magic Remote is IR (Playbar can work with it). Indeed, in my current setup, remote and Playbar work together when TV is on, but refuse to work when TV is off and I stream music via app. I can live with that.

It just might be that my TV is not setup correctly. When I was setting up my TV to work with Playbar, there were too many acronyms during setup :)
I also have TV speakers off at all times.
Come on are you telling me there is no easy solution to having volume control over Sonos with my Directv remote??
I've never tried to set up either of my DirecTV remotes, as I use Harmony remotes for both of my TV setups. But sure, you should be able to "pair" them with the PLAYBAR using the FAQ on setting up remotes. They're IR, which should work just fine.
Or, at least, the remotes DirecTV provided with my Genie/HR-400 (? not at home to double check) are.