register your speaker, done, register your speaker, etc...

  • 17 October 2019
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I am trying to set up two Sonos one speakers with my TV beam. The initial installation went ok. Only last step kind of crashed when the system was trying to make the speakers work together. Now the app is just saying register your speakers, then when I pres the register button displays done and again goes to register your speaker screen, and again, again, and again I can not do anything.

5 replies

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Hi, we’re working on an issue now where sometimes surrounds don’t get registered correctly. To get this resolved, add the Sonos Ones to your system as standalone speakers, and then through Settings System > Beam you can add them to that Beam as surrounds. They’ll already be registered that way and should work just fine.

I am trying to do this with a Play 5 and a Bridge and having the same issue. Are you saying I need to start over by adding the speaker on its own? I’m not sure how to do this without it connected to the Bridge … we’ve had the system for about 7 years and just moved which disabled everything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 

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Hi @rmt02139, the issue I mentioned above is only with adding new speakers to a system as the surrounds for a home theater. Registration issues for single players like a Play:5 that you’re trying to connect while using a Bridge is unrelated to the problem above.


If you can’t register the Play:5 with the Bridge, can you unplug the power from the Bridge, and just wire the Play:5 into the network instead? Then try to connect it and see if it registers? If it does, you can go into the settings and set up a wireless connection right to your router, and just not use the Bridge at all. Generally speaking, the Bridge is getting pretty old and you’re likely to have better performance using just your router (assuming you have a router from within the last 5 or so years).


+1 system unusable as I can’t add speakers for a month now. Really ?

$1200 of bricks collecting dust in my home. 


@Ryan S this bug completely prevents adding more speakers without resetting the app and the speakers