Reconfiguring 5.1 home theatre speakers for everywhere sound

  • 14 September 2018
  • 4 replies

I have a playbase and two Sonos Ones in a theatre config. Its great for DVDs etc, but not good when i want all speakers to play spotify music at same volume.. Will sonos let me configure the speakers in two different ways, one for home theatre and the other for everywhere sound? ... TIA ... Greg

4 replies

Not really, no. Once you've defined the "room" in Sonos, it stays that room. However, there is a setting that I suspect you haven't "flipped" that will increase the rears so you get a more "full room" experience. Go in to the controller's settings for the room, and go to advanced, then sound settings (working from memory here, not at home to check) and then surrounds. You should end up on a page that allows you to change settings for when you're playing music. The two settings are "ambient", in which they support the soundbar, and "full", in which they become a normal pair of stereo speakers.

Give that a shot and see if it's what you're looking for.
Yes, thats good, thank you very much .... Greg
One more thing please. Are the two Sonos Ones playing L&R stereo? If so, what sort of music comes out of the playbase please? TIA ... Greg
If set up in “full” mode, yes. You should be getting stereo from the PLAYBASE as well.


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