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  • 29 May 2018
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I did a search but found very little helpful info.

I am setting up a theater room with a BenQ DLP Projector (HT2050A) and want to use a playbar and several sonos one's as surrounds. If the projector is in the back of the room and the playbar is in the front, how do I connect the two? Will I need to figure out how to wire it via a long optical cable? Thee source to the projector will just be an Apple TV, comcast box and FireTV.


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2 replies

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As far as the Playbar is concerned it just needs to receive an audio signal it can decode via it's optical in. It doesn't know whether it's coming from the projector or possibly an optical switch. The problem will be ensuring that the audio is synchronised with the picture - The Sonos controller allows you to add some delay and your Input devices also probably allow you to do that. The projector may also offer a delay to the audio.

If you take the audio from the projector then you need to ensure that the BenQ will pass through Dolby Digital 5.1.

Hopefully somebody who has this set-up can advise.
Just wanted to add that Sonos is a 5.1 system, with '3' being the playbar covering the FL+FR+C, a SUB and, two other Sonos speakers for rears. In other words, you can't add several Sonos One's for surround, just 2.

The other thing is that Sonos has announcement regarding a new product in the AV area on 6/6. I would recommend waiting till then to see what that is before buying anything else for this project if it's at all possible. This is supposed to have hdmi, so it could well be a better solution for projector setups.