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  • 23 August 2018
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I have a projector in my basement and I am having issues streaming sound from the projector. I have an Onkyo I need to get a Sonos Connect and connect it to the receiver in order to stream all sound coming from the projector ? Any help us much appreciated. I use YoutubeTV and stream it to the Apple TV or Xbox. Thanks

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7 replies

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Hi there, TMAtlanta. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Community. I have a projector setup in my bedroom and I can tell you out of personal experience that you want a Sonos speaker directly wired to the projector itself. Using a Connect will allow you to bring Sonos to your existing system, but I would not recommend it as Home Theater input. For that type of use, you'd want to have a Playbar, Playbase or Beam directly connected over digital optical or HDMI.
Hi all,

I've seen lots of threads on this issue (how to get sound from a projector to a playbar etc without the long cable). I am a couple of weeks away from purchasing my projector, so still working through the options...

I saw the new Amp with HDMI ARC and optical in. Does this look like a (expensive) solution?

I was thinking of having it sit at the rear of the room along with projector and source. You could then (I assume) pair it to playbar and rear Play1s... criminal waste of the speaker options on the Amp, but anyone have an idea if that would work in theory at least?

Thanks for the advice.
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wondering the exact same thing. All Sonos HT solutions seem to assume a TV connected upfront, not projector in the rear, and dangling a cable from a projector to a Beam upfront seems really lame. I was also wondering if there are maybe wireless HDMI-ARC solutions that could work for Beam. Don't think you can easily do wireless S/PDIF.
Hi All - this seems like the same question I have.

I’m new here and keen to get to the bottom of something which may have a simple answer in the sense it’s not possible. I’ve got a sonos connect linked to my amp, and 2 speakers alongside a sonos 1. I have a projector which I can obviously run through my amp and two speakers but it would be great if I could connect the sonos 1 through the connect and play this when watching films etc. as well. What is the best solution for this without lag? Or do I have to purchase a sound bar? Ideally I wouldn’t buy anything more. I don’t know if the coaxial audio out can be used?

Is this something I can do? I do I really need a play bar or sonos 5 to go straight into projector? If I do that, then can I connect to existing system and sonos 1?
I answered you question in the other thread you opened.
Many thanks! And how would I do it with the lag? So the best thing for me to do is the sound bar? Could I also connect a sonos 5 direct to projector and then use connect for my existing system and the sonos 1?
With the lag, you'd take the analog output from the projector (likely a headphone jack?) and send that to the analog input on the CONNECT. Or, indeed, a PLAY:5. The analog input on the CONNECT and PLAY:5 are the same, other than the size of the plug.

For the soundbar, unless your projector has an HDMI-ARC port on it, you'd want to put a HDMI switch in between the source and the projector, and run the soundbar from the output from the switch. There are both HDMI-ARC enabled switches which could power the Beam, or optical output switches that could feed the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE.