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  • 1 August 2022
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Hi there. I would playback music from my audio player (e.g. CD player) to Sonos MOVE over a WIFi network. May I know if the following configuration is possible?


analog player (audio output) → Sonos Port (audio in) → Sonos Port (Ethernet) → network switch → WiFi AP → Sonos MOVE x2


I can’t stream the music from WiFi of Sonos Port directly because the MOVE are located away from it (different room and different floor), and I have a WiFi network on the premises already. See if it is possible to stream through the wired network then to the MOVE via the nearby AP. Kindly advise, thank you very much.


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7 replies

Hi.  It doesn’t really work like that.  If you want to play the same music on all the devices (Port and Moves) they have to be on the same subnet.  The most like cause for that going wrong would be your access point.  Is the access point set up in ‘bridge’ mode?

The switch is also potentially a problem.  Is that an unmanaged switch wired to your router?

Thanks for the feedback. My intention is to distribute a music source to both traditional sound system and Sonos speaker simultaneously. My analog music player is to connect a splitter, one output to my existing audio gear (amplifier and speaker) and another output to Port. I would consider to utilize the Port as a network streamer to stream music through the existing network to Sonos speakers. The ethernet network and WiFi AP are all there for internet browsing and audio streaming.


the APs are distributed everywhere with full coverage on the front of the house area. Not be configured as bridge mode. They are all connected back to the network switch and managed by a WiFi controller.

I think the OP was posing a theoretical question, but of course putting everything on the same subnet is required.

My analog music player is to connect a splitter, one output to my existing audio gear (amplifier and speaker) and another output to Port.

I may be misunderstanding, but a splitter seems unnecessary to me, indeed counter-productive.  I would expect the Port to connect to your traditional HiFi, with the analog device connected to the Port’s line-in.  The Port and Roams need to connect to your network, specifically to the same subnet.   The Roams can connect over WiFi only.  The Port could connect via WiFI or Ethernet.

Hi John, yes, both Port and MOVES are configured under the same subnet so that they can communicated. I saw many websites (including Sonos official) are mentioning to connect a vinyl (my player) to the Port, then WiFi (direct from the Port) streams to Sonos wireless speakers. However there is no article/example to indicate the possibility of streaming from Port to Sonos speaker via wired Ethernet and via AP. Theoretically it works but better to ask and confirm.


my speakers are Moves, not Roams. Believing they are the same in my case, right? :)

The Move can’t connect directly to the Port. It has to go through a WiFi AP. The path sketched in your first post should work fine.

Thank you very much for all of your replies. It helps a lot!