Port with Beam and 2x Sonos one for Pro-Ject T1 SB

  • 18 July 2022
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I just bought the project T1 SB with Sonos Port. And my sonos setup is:
  Sonos Beam

  2x Sonos One 

  1x Sub


I know the sub wont work with the Sonos Port, but I really want beam and 2x one to be working. But when I play a vinyl, I only hear sound from the beam and 1x Sonos instead of beam and 2x sonos one.


Does the Port not work with 1x Beam and 2x Sonos One?




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2 replies

Fixed! Turned off and on the surround speakers in the app, bit stanges but seems te work now!

Just a note:  When using the Port Line-In from the turntable as a source, the Sub will work just fine with the Beam and surrounds.  Where the Sub won’t work is if you were using the Port to stream to an external Amp or receiver, you cannot bond the Sub to the Port room because the Sub has no way to know the downstream amplification level. .