Playing TV on speakers

  • 24 June 2017
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Hi - Any suggestions on how to overcome this please??
I have Sonos 3 - soundbar, sub and 1 speakers in my living room, and a separate speaker in the Kitchen. The TV plays through soundbar & sub, but I would like to play the TV through the kitchen speaker too. I have tried grouping it - which does work but it keeps cutting out in the kitchen. Please be kind, Im not terribly IT savvy 😃 Thank You

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3 replies

Couple of things to mention.

First, if you're getting cutting out issues in the kitchen, that means that the kitchen device is having issues connecting all the time, either to your wifi or to other speakers, if you have a Sonosnet setup (which means that at least one device from Sonos is connected to your router with an ethernet cable.)

I'm guessing, however, that you don't have SonosNet hooked up, and are running purely on a "Standard" setup, meaning that all speakers are hanging off of your own wifi network. Is there any possibility that you can connect one of your speakers with an ethernet cable to your router? Even temporarily, with a long cable strung across the floor might be a valuable test. Once you've connected one speaker with an ethernet cable, and you wait about 5 minutes for the system to switch from your wifi to the SonosNet (mesh) architecture, I'd do another test and see if the kitchen speaker is still dropping out.

Generally, a speaker dropping out can happen in a couple of different ways. One is that it happens to get a duplicate IP address assigned to it from your router. This can happen especially frequently when there's a software update, as sometimes routers (for various reasons) can lose track of what they've assigned, and since the software update forces a reboot of the speaker, it asks for a new IP address and gets a duplicate from the router. At this point, it's like two people using the same phone line, and one gets bumped off temporarily, until the other one bumps them off, and back and forth.

Second potential issue is that the wifi signal in your kitchen isn't strong enough for the speaker to maintain a connection, and as it loses and gains the signal, it will stop and start, or sometimes just stop.

Third is the potential that there's wifi interference causing the signal to go away. This can be from a myriad of reasons, and many of them can be completely out of your control. Some phones, baby monitors, web cams, etc can cause interference, as can your neighbor's wifi, especially if it's on the same broadcast channel as yours. You can move your speaker away from things that might cause interference in the kitchen, if you think there's that possibility. We often recommend changing the channel your wifi router is on as well, to get it away from perhaps the same channel that a neighbor is using.

That's a lot of words. Sorry about that, but as you suggested you were not terribly IT savvy, I thought it might be useful.

Finally, if none of that helps, I'd certainly recommend that you submit a system diagnostic and post the number here, the data contained in that will help the folks at Sonos look at a snapshot of your system and perhaps make a more reasoned suggestion. I'd do it within 10 minutes of the speaker in the kitchen cutting out, so that the data about that would show up in the logs.

Best of luck!
Thank you - thats given me lots to think about. I'll try this out later.
I don't know whether this narrows it down at all, but I don't get cutting out or interference if I play music directly to the speakers via wifi (from my iPhone) but it only happens when I group the soundbar/TV & speakers together.
It's not that significant. Differing sources have differing tolerances for interference, generally speaking. Although in this case, since all of your sources are for practical purposes "internal" (not streaming sources), it really shouldn't make a bunch of difference, which is confusing. As I said before, I'd highly encourage you to run that diagnostic that I linked in my post, and put the number here. The folks at Sonos would have more information as to what might be going on based on that data, which I don't have access to. Just be sure to do it within 10 minutes or so of getting one of those interruptions.