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Skogsmann wrote:

Thank you Andy!! Works great on B6 Oled!

I have a B6 too, but how did you even get to choose a type of sound bar? If I go to device connecter and then select sound bar, I have no option and all to select a manufacturer of a sound bar, only an option to select and audio out and thats it (Optic/HDMI etc.) nothing more.

How did you get to select a sound bar type?

@SoundWorld thx. worked like a charm. It really helped to explain where to find the universal control. Although it is a bit hidden and could be mistaken for an "per input" option.
TheyCallMeAndy - Just wanted to say a


thank you for your very informative post.
The instructions given worked beautifully on my LG OLED65B6T with Web OS 3 and I can now operate the vol + and - as well as mute the PlayBar, all from the magic remote!
You may well have saved Christmas, thanks again TheyCallMeAndy
This worked for the volume and mute, but I can no longer turn off the television with the magic remote. Anyone else have the same issue and hopefully a solution?
Hi Andy, This settings worked well with our LG 65UH750v with WebOS3,
Thanks :)
Does the PF1000U pass through Dolby5.1 to the Playbar correctly? Looking to upgrade to a projector and the PF fits my criteria if it works well with the playbar...
Hi guys,
I cannot make it work with my lg55la6208. Any ideas?
This is the magic remote that uses...
I followed the instruction, kindly added by TheyCallMeAndy (1 Year ago).
It did not work for me entirely, but I could see what the idea was and tried a different model of soundbar
Mine worked on "Device Type - Soundbar" and "Manufacturer POLK:version 1".
The key! is if the LG remote is recognised by the sonos "Room setup - Remote Control setup" I just continued trying manufacturers and version until it worked. Thanks TheyCallMeAndy for doing the hard work on this..
LG 65OLEDc7 going through Sonos Soundbar controlled by LG magic remote.
LG sound out: Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)
Wow wow wow. Thank you TheyCallMeAndy! Your tip worked for my OLED55C7V. Sonos need to update their instructions as selecting any brand of soundbar doesn’t work. What also baffles me is that Sonos isn’t shown as one of the brands from which to chose in the LG setting page. If anyone is interested, the Sonos instructions to pair the magic remote say to press the mute button three times (vol+ and vol- was recognised) but when you do that my TV then displayed an on-screen message, meaning that the setup fails. Thanks again Andy.
@Slize put in another thread:

Remote type 2

This worked for my 65C7p


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