Playbar with 2016 LG TV?

  • 9 September 2016
  • 14 replies

Has anyone been able to get their LG remote to control the Sonos Playbar Volume? I have the OLED65B6P and have tried everything I've found in the forums with no luck.

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14 replies

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I looked long for this to work and there is a simple way to get it to work (or atleast for me)
Im on a LG 70UH700V with webOS 3 and sonos Playbar and some Play:1 mainly

Part 1:
1) Click the home button on your magic remote and scroll along the bottom (where Netflix, etc is) until you get to a purple icon "device connector"
2) Select soundbar and pick the Phillips brand and select remote type 4
3) Select done

Part 2:
1) Open the Sonos app on your iPad or phone
2) Select the gear icon "settings"
3) Select the room your system is in
4) Select TV setup and control
5) Select remote control set up and follow the prompts using your "Phillips" magic remote

You are done!

Hope it works!

Ps. all props to
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That remote is Bluetooth; the Playbar is Infrared (I/R). You need to find some sort of Bluetooth to I/R "blaster" that'll convert your remote's signal to something the Playbar can understand.
Didn't Logitech make something like that for the original PS3?

Ah, here it is, discontinued by manufacturer. Perhaps you might find one on eBay?
Thanks. It's annoying. A $4000 dollar TV and they can't put a $0.50 IR transmitter on the remote...
I feel your pain. But then their designers aren't paid to think about the impact to other devices, only to their TVs, and perhaps they'd had enough of line of sight with IR issues. I've no idea. To be honest, I use the Harmony One remote, which I think is also bluetooth, at least to the hockey puck that then sends out the IR signal. It's nice not to have to point it at the TV. It can be under a blanket, etc, and still work.

There's pros and cons to both kinds of setups. We just have to be agile in our thinking around ways to defeat these dastardly people. And I would expect that some company will step up and create something like the no longer produced Logitech device, just because there are more and more TVs being produced with this issue (based on the number of threads being created in these boards).

Best of luck!
for reasons I do not understand, my TV doesn't let me choose a manufacturer nor a remote. I can only select the optical audio out, I can test the soundboard, but then I can only hit a "done" button. That's it. I just bought the new TV and I cannot get it to work that's frustration.
Found a solution for my Issue. While setting up of the LG, you can choose the region you live in. As I'm from Austria, I was choosing Austria. Apparently for every country, the possibilities change. For example, If you choose Austria like I did, you cannot set up the remote to be an universal remote so you do not see the "next" button as others see everywhere else in the world. I found that out when reading another blog where somebody forgot to use his home country and also did not see the "next" button. After I changed the region on my LG to any other country like Germany or UK, I was able to set up the universal remote. Changing the region back then to Austria will erase again the possibility so for me, I have to stick to another region in the world.
Don't know why this is the case but it fixed my issue and sonos+LG magic remote are now working with each other.
I have exactly the same problem like you here in Switzerland. To avoid unnecessary work I wonder if you just changed the region, or did you choose another region after a factory reset?
Tks in advance.
Simple change of region is enough. The factory reset was not necessary for me. Apparently only the region gives the power to the remote to use the IR
Thanks for your quick reply. It works, but...
I do have less digital TV stations and less Radio stations. Who knows why. I also have trouble with connecting my smartphone to Sonos. Don't exactly know what happens. Is your Smartphone app running and connecting perfectly?
Im using the newest version of the Sonos App on my iPhone and iPad and all works.
I also use the latest Android version of Sonos App. But I could not choose the many times mentioned Philips playbar. So I choose Samsung. May be this is the reason? Or is the Android app not working properly?
Hi, thank you for your suggestion regarding changing region. Did you only change region for LG services or also for the broadcast?
Good question. I actually don't remember that there was more than one option. But you may find out that easily. If you get a list of playbars by changing only the region it should be ok.