Playbar + Sub + Play Ones - Too much Bass on TV, too little on music!

  • 6 September 2019
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So last last week I bought a play bar and plugged it into my Sony OLED TV, and paired it with an existing pair of Play Ones and a new sub. I've disabled the TV speakers and haven't changed any TV settings, I've run through the TV remote control pairing process, and I've set the Play Ones as 'Full' when in music mode.

Now I have a bunch of problems:

  1. The TV remote adjusts the volume on the play bar but the control is extremely course. If I turn it all the way down to 0 (keep holding it down until the sound stops to lock '0' with silence) then I turn it up. By the time the TV shows '10' as the volume level the play bar is already way too loud! It is as though every 'click' up doubles the play bar there way to reduce the degree of the jumps in volume? It's like it is jumping in units of 10 rather than 1! Ideally if with the TV's own volume hits the 'too loud' threshold at 50, then something similar for the play bar would be good. As it stands now there is almost no space between "too loud" and "too quiet". In contrast when listening to music there is plenty of volume control and I can easily make small volume adjustments.
  2. When I listen to TV the bass out put is HUGE - I'm watch Star Trek discovery and even the sound of the doors sliding open and shut generates masses of bass rumble through the sub...which is just wrong. I need to turn the bass all the way down in order to get it to a sensible level.... BUT
  3. When I listen to music I have the complete opposite problem - there is almost no bass and I have to turn it all the way to get a decent bass line....
What I really want:

  1. The same degree of volume control when in TV mode and music mode. At the moment music = good, tv = terrible
  2. The same amount of bass level when in TV mode and music mode. At the moment music=nothing, TV = insane.
What am I missing? Hopefully someone can help!

El Barto

1 reply

I have the exact same problem. Is there a way to set the sub level differently for tv than music??