Playbar no chime solid white light won’t connect using app

I have just moved house. I have a playbar and a connect bridge powered up and I am trying to reconnect my playbar to my Samsung TV. I am trying to add the playbar via the Sonos app but get to the point where you hold both buttons down and wait for the chime to enable the bridge to discover the playbar. No chime and the request times out. I have connected it via the optical cable to my tv but the tv does not see the playbar hanging off the optical output and thus I cannot override the tv’s own speaker either.
I can however get the playbar to work when connected to the bridge directly with an Ethernet cable!
Any help from the community would be much appreciated
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I can however get the playbar to work when connected to the bridge directly with an Ethernet cable!

So it's added to the system and working. Do you relocate it when you remove the Ethernet cable? If so it could be a distance issue.

(Also, side note: if you have a solid white LED, you will never hear the chime again.)
Yes, my bridge and the playbar are in different rooms but not far away and the house is modern. Could be distance but I moved from an old house with thick walls and a greater distance then now and it worked fine before. So yes when I unplug Ethernet and rely on wireless the app can’t see it for some reason.
Worth mentioning that the broadband signal is about 0.5Gb so 500Mb so really weak. Is this likely to be the issue even though I can connect to the wireless router through my iPad no problem and the app works. Streaming from Spotify is unlikely to work but I don’t expect it to , I just want to play audio from my tv through the playbar

Thanks for suggestions
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As you have moved house, I assume that your Wi-Fi SSID has changed? If so, I would connect the Playbar to your Router via an Ethernet cable temporarily and then open the Sonos App and change the Wi-Fi credentials for your new house. Then turn off your Bridge and see if the PlayBar can connect to your home Wi-Fi - you shouldn't need a Bridge in a new house unless it is very large.


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