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I've never owned a Sonus but I'm thinking of getting the new Sonus One, my question is can I connect it to my existing sound system either via bluetooth or a cable so when I ask the sonus to play a song it plays it through my existing amplifier and speakers on the wall ( don't mind if it still plays it through the sonus one also) is this possible?

Thanks, Stuart

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Not the Sonos (not Sonus) One. There's no analog input on it. You'd need to get a CONNECT to handle that. But, you won't be happy playing stuff from your amplifier on both sets of speakers, because there's a delay on the analog input for Sonos. So the regular speakers and the Sonos One will be out of sync. However, if you're streaming from Sonos, and have it pushing to your amplifier, then everything will be in sync, because the data will already be processed before it goes to the receiver.
Hi Bruce, thanks for the reply. Sorry, Sonos.
It’s not an input I’m looking for it’s an output as I want to play the music from the sonos speaker through my existing sound system also. So are you saying there is an output for me to play sonos music through my external sound system also? Basically I want to be able to say ‘Alexa play Justin Bieber songs’ and it come out my existing sound system that is on my walls in my Flat.

Well, that's slightly different f, but in actuality, it's the same answer. There's no analog output on the Sonos One either. You'd still need to get a CONNECT, which has both analog input and output on it, and connect that to your receiver. You could then stream music in both directions.

Now, there's actually another Sonos device that does also have an analog output, it's the old PLAY:5 Gen 1. No longer sold, but you can find them on ebay sometimes, or perhaps old back stock at certain retailers, but that's unlikely since Sonos stopped making them years ago. The gen 1 version had a headphone out jack, which you could potentially hook to your receiver (with a lot of fiddling of volumes, honestly).

But for what you want to do, a CONNECT would be your best bet.
Ah ok thanks. And I’m assuming with the play:5 gen 1 I wouldn’t be able to use Alexa with it as it wasn’t integrated back then?

THe connect is just so expensive! That’s what I was trying to avoid... but seems there isn’t another option.
Is it the Connect that’s has the latency you were talking about?

Thanks Bruce.
No, incorrect assumption. As soon as you integrate Alexa, it's integrated with your entire Sonos ecosystem, and is not associated with any particular speaker(s). Granted that the microphones might be on the Sonos One, but the control of speakers is across everything.

It isn't the CONNECT that has the latency, specifically. It has more to do with the way that the Sonos works. In order for the line-in to be available across the entire system, it needs to 1) change from analog to digital and 2) buffer so that it can play simultaneously across the 2.4Ghz network. That's what creates the latency issue. There are additional settings on the Line -in that create additional latency for other processing that may be necessary, but the roughly 70ms part is non-negotiable :)

You're most welcome, sir!
ah ok, so I can get Alexa on any Sonos product? did you mean the microphone might be 'better' on the Sonos one?

I'm totally new to Sonos, only going for it because it supports Apple Music, as no other home assistants do (other than apple home hub which isn't out yet and also doesn't have a line out to connect to my sound system... grr.


The Sonos One is the only one that has the microphone array that allows you to integrate with Alexa. However, you could easily get an Amazon product (any of the Alexa products) and use them instead of getting the Sonos One. I've been using my Echo Dots since they released the integration, without owning a Sonos One. All three of them can control my Sonos speakers. A Sonos One just incorporates the extra microphones so that you don't need an extra piece of hardware.

One important thing to note for you at this moment. The Alexa voice command does not control Apple Music at this time. Might be worth reading this thread:
That is to say, the Apple Music will work just fine on your Sonos system, using the controller to start, stop, resume, skip it. You won't be able to search for specific artists, etc. using the voice commands.
Right ok I see! so I can't use Alexa's voice command to control Apple Music on sonos even though Sonos does support apple music?

so I guess if I want to use my Apple Music library with voice commands I'll have to wait for apple's home pod....

Like I said, you can do a bunch of stuff using voice commands, once you've started playing the stream using the controller. But so far Amazon and Apple haven't made Apple Music available through the Alexa app, so there's restrictions.

Might be worth checking this thread as well:
Thanks bruce!

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