Play Base and Play 5

  • 19 June 2017
  • 4 replies

Had a play 5 already, bought a Play base, both working fine individually but cant get them to link up - could someone please advise how I do this . Many thanks.

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4 replies

Depends on how you want them to link up. If you've got a single Play:5, then the only way is to "group" them. Pretty sure that there would be a 70ms delay between the two speakers if you group them, however, due to the fact that grouping them would force a time delay for buffering on the 2.4 GHz band of wifi. So it would be OK if they weren't in the same room, but likely a huge issue if you could hear both of them simultaneously.

If you're interested in using the Play:5 as a surround speaker, you'd need a pair of them (and they'd have to both be gen 2 versions), and then you'd "bond" them with the Playbase. That would switch the connection of the Play:5s over to the 5Ghz wifi band, and get rid of any delay.
Thanks very much for this response, I did ask in the store if I could use one play 5 ( I have a gen 2 ), they said I could but didn't mention the delay - idea was to use the play 5 as surround ( well not quite) . As the playbase and the play 5 are both in the same room, seems like expensive overkill to have them both, with no gain, even if I buy 2 X play 1 for surround then the play 5 is pretty much redundant. Need to review, luckily the playbase is on 100 day return, but it does improve the Samsung TV sound dramatically - points to ponder. buy two play 1 and sell the play 5 (maybe add the sub later) or buy another play 5... Thanks again for your swift response.
If you're really after surround, I'd return the Play:5 and get 2 Play:1s, which can then be bonded appropriately as surround speakers with the Playbase. Most of us regulars on these boards find that they do an outstanding job as such, and feel that a bigger speaker for that purpose just is a waste of funds :)

And to be honest, if it were me, I'd get the pair of play:1s, and stick the Play:5 somewhere else for a music speaker, rather than a TV speaker. It's a great device. I'm considering getting a pair to sit on my computer desk, for music while I'm on these boards. Right now, I've got a single Play:5 gen 1, which does a good job, but a stereo pair would be better. And since I don't use the speakers as computer related speakers (never with games or youTube!) I don't need to worry about the delay issue.

I've found that store sales people are more often less knowledgable about products than I am, but I tend to be a tad obsessive when it comes to research of a product that's going to cost more than $50.

I hope you're able to get to a place where you can enjoy both the Playbase and the Play:5!
Thanks, i bought the 5 a little while ago so would need to sell it or as you say use somewhere else. It is verry good but i dont need both. Will have a think. Thanks again