Play 5 wont sync

  • 8 September 2019
  • 2 replies

I have a play 5 and have for a few years, it refuses to sync now and on the help pages says press play and pause simultaneously and wait for the beep; only i don’t have a pause button, only a mute button above the volume controls. Any ideas?

2 replies

It looks like an old Play 3 to me, but regardless, if you’re looking to reset the speaker back to factory settings...

Disconnect power for 10 seconds. Hold down the mute button and keep it pressed. Reconnect the power and wait till you see a flashing Amber light and then let go the mute button. After a few seconds the speaker LED will flash green and it is ready to be setup again using the Sonos App.

Personally speaking its not usually necessary to reset a Sonos Speaker, except as a very last resort, but not sure that will resolve your sync issue. It’s more likely you would solve those type of issues by rebooting your router and reading these two useful links instead...

WiFi Interference

Network Stability
thanks, will try. Most appreciated !