Play 5 Gen 1 bonded with Play 5 Gen 2 or Play 5 bonded with a Pair of Play 1's (for music only)

I would like to buy another Play 5 Gen 1 and bond it to the one I have to play music in stereo but cant find a new one for a fair price. Can I bond a Play 5 Gen 2 with a Play 5 Gen 1 and get a balanced sound quality?
Or if I purchase a pair of Play 1's can I bond them to a Play 5 Gen 1 to play in stereo. I only want to use them for music. I know I can put 1, 3, 5's to a Play Bar but can I bond a pair of Play 1's with a Play 5?


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By bonding if you mean getting them to each play one of the left/right channels for stereo sound, the answer is no. Only identical models can be so bonded or stereo paired. Even the old and new 5 units cannot be so bonded.

However any Sonos speaker can be grouped to play together in perfect sync - but each will play as usual, with content from both channels played through each.

So you can have a play 1 pair, stereo pair it and get very good quality stereo sound that will give you the stereo image that any single unit cannot.

And you can, if/when you want to do so, group the pair with the play 5 unit for a more immersive sound across the room. The stereo effect from the play 1 pair may get diluted by doing this, and in any case will be heard only in the usual stereo listening sweet spot that is usually a small part of the room. But you will be able to solve the problem of music being too loud close the speakers to be well heard on the other side of the room by appropriately placing the 5 unit.


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