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  • 15 August 2021
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Hi all I’m new to Sonos would appreciate all the suggestions possible ,

I have 13 play 5units all up I’m trying to set up for my cafe but I have 3 different area



and courtyard what is the best way to connect all these and play all together or have a option of playing only 2 area not all 3 .

do I need to get Sonos boost and how does that help . 
sometimes wifi isint the best options because I used to have bose soundlink adapter and always used to drop out not sure if it’s because of poor internet or the app crashes. 

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2 replies

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Running them with Ethernet cables will remove the risk of wifi interference and dropout. Sonos uses “rooms” to define where a speaker is located, but it’s just a label so I’d set up the speakers as Indoor1, Indoor2, Outdoor1,etc. Then use the Group feature to establish which play together. Each speaker in a group can have its volume set relative to others in the group, and there’s a Group volume too. You shouldn’t need a Boost. 

Given the constant public use of the environment the wireless speakers are to be installed in, just for their reliability, I would perhaps personally choose to cable them all back to the router for the reasons that are outlined in this thread:

Or as an alternative, raise them above the height of the customer and use their SonosNet mesh connection, which means one device needs to be wired to the router. The chosen wired device can be a Speaker or a Boost, that’s upto yourself, it will make no difference what is used as the ‘root bridge’ to the LAN.

It’s then just a case of cabling any device(s) to the LAN that are perhaps unable to obtain a decent mesh signal which maybe none of course, but that depends on how far apart you set the speakers and any obstacles in-between.