Play 1 mounting height

  • 29 May 2018
  • 4 replies

Hey Everyone. I have 2 play 1's that i'm going to mount behind my bed to go in conjunction with my playbar. My question sis, due to the setup of my space I need to mount them about 4-5 feet above the bed but pointing down. Will this cause a weird effect or distortion/loss of sound?

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4 replies

The top will be pointing down or the side will be pointing down? I just turned one upside down... sounds fine. Sides pointing down could sound much less than desirable unless you're laying right under it.
its going to be mounted with the top pointing down not sideways.
I know the second gen Play:5s care about orientation, but I'm reasonably sure the Play:1s don't. Mine is still playing upside down. Some with more hard-core knowledge should chime in soon with the technical stuff about the orientation.
I'll cross post see if I can get someone