Planning for a Sonos complete home system

  • 26 June 2017
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I'm building a new home and would appreciate advise as to best way to plan for a Sonos complete home system

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4 replies

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You need to consider what the source(s) are of you music

- Do you have any external sources Eg Turntable. If you do then you need a Sonos component with line in (Play 5 or Connect).
- Do you listen to your own music rips? If so the best solution is a NAS connected to your router which will then be available to Sonos 24/7 without computer /ext hard drive being switched on.
- Would be a good idea to make provision for each Sonos item to be wired back to the router though not strictly necessary dependant on the wireless environment.

Beyond that you need to decide based on your own music listening habits.
I think you'd get some better response if you gave more details as to what exactly you want in your system. That said though, you don't really have to plan ahead much with Sonos. A big selling part of the system.

Do you plan on using Sonos speakers only? If so, then really, the only thing you could do is figure out where you want to place speakers, and then make sure there is a power outlet nearby.

Do you plan on using in-wall/ceiling speakers? If that's the case, then you should definitely look to put the speaker wires in before the dry-wall. For each pair (or 2 pair) of speakers, you'll need a CONNECT:AMP to drive them, so you need to plan where those will sit. You could have them all in a central location, closet, or something, but you don't have to.

Do you plan on having speakers outside? If so then those would be driven by a CONNECT:AMP as well. Best to have those wired in advance as well, with wiring directed to a closet with a power outlet installed, or something like that.
Thanks for the advice. I do intend having in wall/ ceiling speakers, so will wire for these. I will also plan on having a Connect:Amp for each of the zones. I will have a separate surround sound system in the basement, and will use Connect to tie this in. Anything else I should think of?
Are you going to locate the AMPS centrally? Are there any other rooms beside the basement where you might want surround sound?

Not exactly sonos related, but I've noticed that a lot of new homes are not wiring cat5 in all the rooms. The assumption being that everything is wifi these days. I'd wire cat5 (or better) anyway and hard wire anything that you can. I'd also make sure you have a good wifi router, for all the things you can't connect. Having a great sound system that you can't in certain parts of the house because of spotty wifi...kinda sucks.