Placement of one (or two) Play:5 Gen 2?

  • 31 July 2018
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Im about to buy the Sonos Play:5 Gen 2. And im not sure if i should buy one or two of them (for stereo par).

And why am i not sure? Well, beacause i just dont know how to place them best in the room i've got.

As you can see i've already got a surround system for the projector, so placing them at that wall will make it look cluttered with speakers. But perhaps thats the best spot to place the speakers if i go with two of them. But if i buy one, im not sure where to place it at all..

So what do you think? Should i place one or two Play:5 Gen 2 in this room? And where should i place them?

I want the room to be good looking and i want great sound. is that doable? :)

EDIT: forgot to add the floorplan at first. :)
EDIT2: Added some more angles of the floorplan.

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2 replies

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I'd go with the two Play 5s set to vertical orientation (skinny side down) and set them on a vibration absorbing pad on top of your existing two speakers beside the TV. Second choice would be a wall mount at ear level in about the same place.

If you find the sound a bit low you could add a pair of Play 1s or Sonos Ones on wall mounts in the L end of the dining area.
Thanks for your suggestions!

Why would you place them in vertical position? Just out of athstetics or does it alter the sound in some way?

And what do you mean with "in the L end of the dining area"?. 🙂