Placement of 2 x PLAY:1 and a SUB

  • 3 December 2019
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I have two PLAY:1’s and just purchased a SUB.  My ceilings are 10’ tall and there is a wide ledge that is on the front facing wall and the rear facing wall.  I am wondering how the sound would be if the SUB was set up on the shelf about 8’-6” off of the floor.  My PLAY:1’s are mounted on stands that are 44”

P1                                             TV & Beam                                SUB (spot 1)








                                SUB (spot 2)


I have about 23’ diagonally between the two PLAY:1’s and about 20’ horizontally between the PLAY:1 and where the SUB could potentially sit.


I mainly use the P:1’s for music and the Beam just for boosting the TV sound.


Any suggestions on placement would be grateful.

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2 replies

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That Sub placement could work well, are you thinking of placing it standing with the ports facing the sides, against the back wall with the port facing the front or laying on the side with the port facing up?

I’d try several options and run TruePlay (you need to have/borrow an acceptable Apple device) to see which ends up sounding best to you.

I looked at this as an option here but we have no power to the shelves so a floor position the spouse liked was chosen

Thanks for the reply and feed back. 

I think I will start with the SUB in the rear with the port facing the ‘front’ wall.