Pairing Two Sonos PLAY:1s with a Wi-Fi Hotspot device

  • 4 June 2018
  • 3 replies

I am trying to pair two Sonos PLAY:1s with a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi device, and am having trouble joining the network. 'Player Setup' is prompting me to complete the setup process by connecting the player to a wireless router via an Ethernet cable. As the Mobile Wi-Fi device does not have an ethernet input this is not possible to do.

Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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3 replies

You can only connect to a WiFi hotspot at initial set up time. You'll have to factory reset the players and start over.

If this is an initial setup situation and you're being asked to wire the players then the firmware could be very out of date. You'd need to take the players to a wired connection somehow to get them updated first.
Thank you for the advice Ratty.

I will try factory resetting the speakers. Reading the page that you linked in your post, it would appear that a factory reset is the nuclear option. I am not sure what stored information there will be on my PLAY:1-s that will be lost.
Any playlists you have would be erased. Any music accounts that you've connected to would also be erased. For people who have curated playlists for months can be upset if they lose that. People like me, who don't maintain all playlists inside Sonos, but instead in other locations, it's not as big a deal.