Pair 2 Sonos Connect systems

  • 9 August 2019
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I recently bought another Sonos Connect unit. The first was set up to play Pandora and IHeart. It is connected to 3 separate wired speaker sets. They are all grouped together under 3 speakers. I bought my second Connect to add a CD player and, if possible, a turntable to my existing 3 speakers grouping. I first connected just my CD player on my second Connect and it only worked part of the time. I also purchased a RossMX42 Mixer to add the turntable to my system. It was recommended from the Community. I haven't attempted the second input device because just the CD player hasd only worked on occasion. I, initially, would like to connect my CD player and have it work all the time. Once that is accomplished, I would try to connect both the CD player and the turntable into the MK42 and run the out line into the in line of the new Connect. My original set up with Pandora, etc. has always worked. None of the new equipment attempts have worked. HELP!!

3 replies

When you say "it doesn't work all the time", do you mean it sometimes plays fine and other times doesn't play at all? Or is it stuttering and breaking up when it plays?

If the first, you need to select "Line-In" from the Browse screen in order to play the Line-In. Also, you can set the Line-In to Autoplay to a default room in the Line-In Settings menu for the Connect.

If it is stuttering and breaking up while playing, try setting the Line-In type to Airplay (you can rename it after). If that does not work, you need to set the Line-In to 'Compressed".

Let us know how it goes.
It works just fine a minimum amount of time. Not at all, mostly. I have also just learned that my original equipment piece was a Connect:Amp and my new piece is a Connect. I have been trying to input my CD player into my Connect. With the Ross MK42, as recommecded by the Community, perhaps my turntable also. The Connect:Amp has worked well all of the time. Pandora, IHeart, etc. Everything that I try to connect to the Connect has been nothing but a headache.
I have 3 separate sets of Line-in speakers grouped under 3 speakers. I am trying to add my Connect into this same speaker group.