Outdoor Surround Sound Setup that Doubles as Sonos Zones

We're putting a pool in our backyard, and setting up a projector and screen for movie watching. I already have a pair of outdoor speakers wired to a Connect:Amp. I'd like to get a regular surround receiver for movie watching that's connected to that pair of outdoor speakers as front left/right (and one more for center) plus buy another pair of outdoor speakers as rear surrounds. Can I also connect the front left/right to the Connect:Amp, and buy another Connect:Amp for the rear surrounds? If so, then the front left/right and rear left/right could serve double duty as Sonos zones for music when we're not watching movies. Hope I'm being clear - see diagram below. Thanks for any help!

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Add a Connect to regular surround receiver
Don't know why I didn't think of that - thanks!


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