Outdoor Sonance Speakers are Quiet

  • 19 April 2019
  • 3 replies

I bought the Sonos Connect Amp and Sonance outdoor speaker kit from Best Buy. I was expecting this kit to be very loud as all the reviews say. I’m not even a big music guy and I know my kit is not loud. I can barely here ANYTHING with the volume at 50% and even when the volume is 100% it’s not blowing you away. My indoor speakers are loud as can be.

Can you please help I have tried everything and I’m hoping this just I isn’t normal.

3 replies

When you say indoor speakers are loud, what are they connected to? Another Connect Amp?

How far away from the listening area are the outdoor speakers?

Have you wired both the speakers correctly with respect to polarity?
The indoor speakers are not connected to an amp. They are just the self contained speakers.

The outdoor speakers are maybe 10-15’ from where we are sitting.

Yes, all the speakers are wired correctly. I have double checked.
If you have any suitable speakers indoors that the Connect Amp can be wired to for testing, do that and see if you get satisfactory sound levels from these, to rule out defect in the Amp.

If not - I assume that sound levels are poor from both speakers, but equally so?

Also, are the speaker cables of thick enough copper core for the length of the cable? The longer the run, the thicker needs be the core.

In any case, submit a diagnostic with the system working at 100% volume levels, and copy/paste the number here for Sonos attention. Preferably also send an email to Sonos copy/pasting your first post above and the diagnostic number for them to troubleshoot.