Outdoor active/powered speakers and Sonos Connect issue

  • 15 April 2019
  • 7 replies

I apparently wasn't paying close enough attention when I was ordering my Sonos Connect and speakers. Got everything opened up and realized my powered speakers are wired and the Connect is plugs. Is there a way to set this up with some type of converter or do I need passive speakers and an Sonos Amp (prefer to work with what I have).

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7 replies

"wired" as in they have speaker cable inputs?

It might help if you stated what brand/model your powered speakers are.
Powered speakers take a line-level (or digital) input, for which the Connect is suited. What make/model of speakers are they?
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Use the 3.5mm aux input, with an RCA-to-3.5mm cable from the Connect's RCA outs.

The speaker terminals are to connect the left and right speakers together. Only the left one is powered.
Those speakers have a 3.5mm aux input. the speaker connection is to connect the two together.

You want something like this:
Thank you all, I knew it was going to be user error. Much appreciated.