Optical cable splitter recommended for sky q

  • 9 December 2017
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We have been having trouble getting new playbase to output any sound through sky q. Sky engineer suggested we would need an optical cable splitter to link Sonos to both tv and sky box. This is not how Sonos instructions say to set up so want to check the advice is correct before getting a splitter. Also if one is required, any suggested products?
Thanks for any help.

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7 replies

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Is your tv not passing through the sound form the SKy Q box? Mine works fine through TV. Also why do you need a splitter? just connect the SKy optical out if you are not using the TV one.
Thanks for the reply. There is only 1 optical out on playbase. Sky engineer said we would need a splitter to connect playbase to tv and to sky box
Sorry, no there is no sound from sky box via tv optical cable
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What TV do you have? They should be a setting somwhere to direct ( pass through) the hdmi audio you the optical out. TV model number will help. If it's a recent model it should work
It's brand new lg55sj810v. Tv is set to pass through optical out. I think I will try a cheap splitter cable and see how it goes.
Check that the settings on both the SkyQ box and the TV are set to Dolby Digital, and not something else.
Yes all set