Old ZP100's and CR100 unable to set up and update

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I really enjoy the Sonos One in my bathroom. Great for hands free when you want to grab a quick song, check the weather or news in morning.

You could leave Alexa on in your bathroom and tell your wife to not reveal her plans for world domination in the shower!! 🙂
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Chris, that sounds like a great idea, and I would enjoy that very much myself.

But my wife is very paranoid about privacy, especially in the bathroom, and always closes the door and blinds when she is in there, even though there is only woods and squirrels and chipmunks behind the house. I can only imagine how paranoid she would be if I put a wireless speaker in the bathroom that she feels could be spying on her! So that is probably not in the cards, for the sake of domestic tranquility. ;-)

My safest bet will probably be to put it in my office or downstairs gym, where I can use it in peace.
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🙂 hey gotta keep her happy!
Has anyone gone through this process recently?

ive just pulled 3x ZP100s out of storage and couldn’t get them to update automatically when hardwired to the router. Chatting with Sonos support on facebook
messenger this evening they are saying they can no longer update it, the systems are obsolete and said “let us know if we can assist in purchasing a Connect:Amp”.

seems a waste to lose three great pieces of equipment over a software update.

for what it’s worth, I can see on the app that the systems are on version 3.5.2

Evidently, this is a new policy. In the past Support has been able to update the ZP100's. I recommend contacting Support again.
And I'd try calling in instead of their Facebook presence. More tools available to those phone folks, such as the ability to "remote" into your system, if necessary. And because they're available only during working hours, they may have greater access to resources necessary to generate the code necessary for your situation.
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As buzz and Airgetlam suggested, our team can assist with getting those up and running, you don't mention it, but it's in this thread. If you have a CR100, those won't work with Sonos anymore. However your ZP100s are still supported and will be able to update with some work (because they're running such old software). If you have any trouble on the phone, feel free to PM me.
Thanks all!

will give phone support a call in a few hours and will let you know how it goes. Calling from New Zealand so waiting for Australia to wake up.
Just to close this off, I spoke with Sonos support who were definitely able to get the units up to software version 5.2, then up to current 10.2. Took them less than 15 minutes.

Guess the chat support guys don't have the full technical resource at their finger tips
I suspect they're hampered by being 24/7, so if you catch them when the offices are closed, they can't tap an engineer on the shoulder and ask for help.

But I also suspect they handle 99% of the issues without a problem. Yours just happened to be a little arcane.