Now I must share my location to setup a new system? What's next?

  • 19 October 2019
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I have owned 4 Sonos speakers for several years.  And I really like their sound. But I’m becoming more and more  worried about the increased control and intrusion that comes with each update.


Some time ago a login became mandatory in order to setup my system. As far as I can recall, this was not required when I bought them. These are physical objects I bought. They’re mine. Why do I have to login to Sonos just to listen to my own music?


But now things became even stranger. When I now try to create a new system it forces me to provide my location explaining that this is needed to find my nearby speakers which is obviously not true.


Sonos is clearly interested in harvesting its customer’s data. Where is this heading? What will happen next?

Soon they may want to decide what kind of music I can listen to!

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5 replies

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They absolutely are collecting data on us customers. Even sharing it with third parties when necessary. 

Their privacy statement has all the details, read it and you can understand the how/why/who/what etc.



When I set up my Sonos system seven years ago I recall having to set up a Sonos account.  I certainly had to give location so that the music services to which I was entitled could be determined.  

There is nothing to stop you creating a new gmail address (say) solely for Sonos if you wish.

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We’ve always had to set up an account. And the fact that music services are integrated that are clearly geo-fenced the idea that your location wouldn't be recorded is clearly not sensible

Sonos has required an account and location almost from day 1.  At first it was to know the local radios stations on TuneIn, then it was to allow the geo-fencing on music services.

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I’ll keep this short. This argument about “Account” setup is really getting old to the point of ad nauseum. Invasion of privacy does exist and it’s not right. However, to complain (or suggest) that Sonos has a hidden agenda to use the inforamtion it gathers for nefarious purposes is a bit of a stretch.

If there were no account information involved how do you propose Sonos send updates to its hardware and app?’s a novel idea...Sonos could hack every cell phone and computer in the world and just push information out in hopes that those with a Sonos product will receive the needed information or update.  Give me a break.

Below are music services that Sonos has paid license fees to bring them to the Sonos app for enjoyment on your Sonos speaker. order for the end-user to listen to these services for free (yet alone via Sonos) an account is required.  Click the links to see where you are taken:


Tune-in Radio