No Optical Output on Sharp (fairly new) TV

I recently purchased Sonos Soundbar and my Sharp TV does not have an optical output. I have connected the soundbar for now through the cable box, but I would prefer to get a digital converter so I can run the soundbar with the cable, dvd, etc. What type of digital converter should I be looking for? Is there a specific one someone can point me to? Or provide me with some specs on what I should be shopping for?

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I use the Monoprice MD-415ARC. It’s an HDMI splitter with an optical audio extractor. It comes with a remote to switch HDMI inputs but I have mine connected to my Harmony remote and everything is automated.
So I just had the Monoprice MD-415ARC dekivered. the Blur arc light does not come on. Can you explain how you connect to your sharp tv and which tv menu options you need. You may save me hours!
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What is the model # of this TV?


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