nightmare setup and sound dropout with Sonos arc surround sound

  • 20 November 2020
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We have spent hours setting up and troubleshooting newly acquired arc, 2 x play 1sl and sub.   The sound is constantly skipping jumping etc. Have tried new hdmi cables to no avail.  Today the back speakers have stopped working, again looking at lots of articles but not any real solutions.  Question - why is this so complicated Sonos you really need so make this easier as the user experience is dire.  I a, at the point where I think this needds to go back as I am past caring with trying to resolve.  I have spent a fortune and am listening to my tv through these tv speakers which is insane. Please someone can you help

3 replies

Thank you for your reply. It was an IP issue however we are now experiencing problems on live TV and recorded TV from Sky Q.  We have an LG OLED TV model C6 .  It’s not happening on Amazon fire stick or Blu Ray.  I will definitely wait until Sonos support is open and try calling them as when the sound works it’s superb.  

Sounds like network issues, and my suspicion is duplicate IP addresses, but there’s also the possibility that your TV isn’t passing a solid signal to the Sonos, which would look much the same. You’ve not given any information about your TV set, so I’ll make the suggestion about clearing your LAN. Unplug all your Sonos devices from power. While they are off, reboot your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices. 

To reiterate, this will not fix an issue with your TV set sending a signal to the Arc. For instance, Samsung in particular is having substantial issues in fixing their code base with regards to ARC, and it seems as each TV line has different electronics, requiring different software updates, and they’re having issues both resolving the code issues, and getting them released for all TVs across the world.

At the end of the day, Sonos is a relatively ‘dumb’ device in a home theater situation. It plays the signal it gets from the TV as quickly as it gets it, but if that signal is corrupt, or interrupted, Sonos can’t do much about that. I get that the Sonos is the last thing in the chain, and often the last thing purchased, but the actual potential for failure in the Sonos system itself is fairly low. Not zero, mind you, but extremely low. In the past when Sonos has had issues in their own software, there have been threads with hundreds of posts in an hour, tHousands in a thread. Since this isn’t happening now, it’s a good conclusion that the issue isn’t in the Sonos, but elsewhere.

Have you tried to submit an diagnostic, and call Sonos to discuss the contents of it, and get some advice based on hard data?




Welcome to the real world of Sonos   Same with me have tried all this week no support spent thousands