Newbie question - Arc + Amp + Sub Wifi

  • 20 November 2020
  • 6 replies

I have an Arc connected to the TV’s eARC (via HMDI).  I want to add an AMP to drive two existing speakers in the ceiling and a sub-woofer to the system.  Can I connect the AMP and SUB via wireless?  I don’t want to run additional wires to the TV.  Will this work correctly?


6 replies

Yes, you can wirelessly bond both the Sonos Amp and the Sub to your Arc. Note that when driving surrounds, the Amp’s subwoofer output port and the input ports are turned off, but it will bond to the Arc wirelessly. 


thanks for the information.  While I’m happy to hear the components will “bond” with the Arc, your note regarding “...the Amp’s subwoofer output port and the input ports are turned off..” makes me question if I’m losing some capability?  Can you explain a bit more why the amp ports being turned off matter?  Surround sounds will still process to the Sub and overhead speakers (via the AMP), correct?



The ‘bonded’ nature of communication between a ‘child’ device and the ‘parent’ device is different than the communication/connection between grouped devices. 

In this case, the communication becomes one way, and one stream, I.e. the surround information. That means there is no subwoofer data being carried from the parent Arc to the child Amp, and there is no channel back from the child to the parent to carry any line in data. 

Ah, rereading your question suggests I didn’t answer fully. There are a lot of people who assume they will connect a third party subwoofer to the output of an Amp that is driving surrounds. It doesn’t work. Similarly, people think they can connect a turntable to the line in on that ‘surround’ Amp, again, it doesn’t work. 

Better to set your expectations correctly up front, and certainly others who come upon this thread, then to have them purchase something and find out it won’t work. 

But yes, the bonded Amp will still process and power the third party speakers as surround speakers. 

Hi, I appreciate the extra clarification.  I think I understand now that your warning that use of the AMP’s ports by third party products will not work.  But the Sonos Sub bonded with the Arc will work with regard to surround sounds.  Same with the AMP wired speakers. 



You’re most welcome.