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I'm starting and stopping with 'getting started' on SONOS. It was so highly recommended, I didn't think of the technical issues.

I've used Musicmatch and Napster to purchase music. My music is imported to Windows media player 10. I've been told that I would have to burn to CD's and then to MP3 (VBR) format.

The Ripper I'm using is not picking up any text information (title, artist, album, track, etc.) Can anyone recommend a ripper and/or a method to get these into MP3 format for me to use in SONOS.

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Unfortunately you've bought copy protected downloads from sites that many of us don't agree with. These protected sites limit the devices on which you can listen to this music.

The only real solution, as you suggested, is to burn to CD and then re-rip.

During the burn process however, all the tag information is lost and you burn a custom CD that will never be recognised by any online album DBs.

It's possible that if you burn the CD in Windows Media Player that it will store the track information for that disc itself. Then, if you rip it again in WMP this time in MP3 format, you may be able to get the tags created correctly.

Otherwise, I really can't see a workaround.
In general, purchased music is a problem for any player not supported by the music provider. There are two benefits for the music provider. First, they can control who can access the music and keep themselves out of copyright trouble and prevent us from becoming pirates. Second, it keeps us locked into their company.

It all makes sense to someone else's business plan, but is inhibiting to ordinary listeners.

It's not a question of SONOS being inept or unwilling to support these closed formats -- the companies won't license their technology.

If you can purchase or rip music to standard formats such as MP3 or FLAC, then SONOS will play them.


Ripping and tagging programs use an invisible disc number that uniquely identifies that release. If you write a protected music file to CD and rip the CD, this number is not likely to be present and you may be forced to search through a short list of possibilities. This may or may not be a chore. (There are not very many Beatles White Album, but Beethoven's 3rd Symphony will dig up a few choices.)

There are plenty of ripping programs that will lookup the tags, including MusicMatch.

It's a chore, but one can always manually enter the data.
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I had the same problem with music purchased from Napster and WalMart. I burned a bunch of CD's, and then ripped them back in, and the track info was preserved as long as I ripped it right after burning it. I got greedy, and burned a few CD's once, and then the track info was not preserved. What really bums me out is that I have a Rhapsody subscription, but music I purchase to put on the MP3 player won't play on Sonos without doing the old burn and rip procedure. And when I do this, the recording isn't as good as some data is lost. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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