New Sonos User (Handful of Questions)

  • 16 July 2018
  • 2 replies

Hi- I have the Beam and a Play 3 and have a handful of questions of various topics. I do not subscribe to a music service but have thousands of songs that I have purchased over Itunes.

1) Certain of the purchased songs do not show up in my Sonos app as being on my phone (e.g., Queen's We Will Rock You). I have confirmed that the song is on my iphone.

2) I have an older Samsung TV. Now that the Beam is connected, I have a 5-6 second box appear on the screen every time I change the volume control- dont remember exact message but essentially that operation is not recognized. Is there a way to get rid of this?

3) Is it possible that certain radio stations are no longer available on Sonos? I am almost certain that certain local stations have disappeared.

4) Any other Sonos information for a tech novice you wish you had?

2 replies

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Hi there, jdsd22. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I'll be happy to go down the list:

1.) On iOS, songs that "appear" and function as if they were on the phone may not be. You will want to verify in your Settings->General->About that you have songs "Downloaded".

2.) This error message comes up when the TV is recognizing the IR commands from your remote. You may want to consult your TV's user guide to determine if there is a way to turn off the IR receiver, or if possible, try re-programming your remote to a different model of TV. This way, it can still send commands to the Beam, but the TV will not recognize the commands at all.

3.) Absolutely. Sonos is not a supplier of content but rather a conduit or platform. When you look up local radio stations, you are likely using a service called Radio by TuneIn. This is similar to a phone book of online radio stations. If you can no longer access a radio station it may have been removed from the service. Here's an example.

4.) There is a plethora of tips and tricks to learn regarding Sonos. I'd say my favourite is grouping from a player. Listening to Spotify in your bedroom and about to take a shower? Hold down the Play/Pause/Mute button on the player in the Bathroom for a few seconds (there should be a second beep) and it will automatically group. Super handy when walking around the house. 🆒

Hope you find this helpful. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to reach out to the Community. We are happy to help.
These are helpful!! Thanks!!!


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