New Sonos System Setup

  • 3 January 2020
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NEW GUY to the Community!  Very excited to get this system up and running, but I am hitting a few snags during the install.  

I bought a Sony TV, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Sub and Sonos Amp from a local retailer.  They mounted the TV and playbar to the wall for me.  I setup the Sub and Amp myself.  The TV is connected directly to the playbar via optical, so there is sound coming out of the playbar.  I tried to add the Sub and Amp and I can’t get them to connect to the playbar.  The playbar is connected via WIFI, and I have a direct ethernet connection going to the Amp (per the recommendation of my retailer).  After going round and round with it last night, I reset the app.  Now its allowing me to either “Set up a new Sonos system” or “Connect to an existing system”.  Because the playbar is mounted to the wall, I’m not able to power cycle it.  How can I reset the playbar without power cycling? Can I just start over with the install?  Is so, which device should I install first???

PHEW….that was alot . I’m obviously stuck and wondering if there is a correct sequence to adding these devices that I’m missing?  Any and all advice would be much appreciated!  I am going to tackle this thing again tonight and any tips could be a great help!!!

1 reply

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You should not need to factory reset the Playbar. What happens when you “Connect to existing system”? What devices are listed in the app?