New Requirement for Login to setup Player is not acceptable!!!

  • 23 January 2018
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I often have limited to no internet access which is why we decided on Sonos in the first place - we can use it as a standalone system without having to "online". Recently the controller software has started requiring us to "login" just to set up or set back up a player or controller. This isn't possible for two of our locations and toting the hardware to place with internet isn't feasible. We have purchased ~ 20 players over the years and have never had to do this login just to use our hardware. We need a way to bypass the login to put players back into the system that need to be re-initiated as they do from time to time. Is there a process for adding (or adding back) players, etc without requiring a login?

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23 replies

SONOS, you need to figure this out!! I'm considering other hifi options for my internet challenged properties!
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This a requirement to allow Voice activation I believe. I can't see them going back on this and once set up devices do not need to be continually attached to the Internet. Can you not use a Mobile hotspot temprarily to allow internet access to you network just for the set up?
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I suspect the issue is some kind of integrity with the online services. But if I am not using any online services I would certainly appreciate being able to add devices without login as had been the case from the beginning. The Hassle factor otherwise is extreme especially at sea!
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You have ALWAYS had to be connected to the Internet to register new devices, this is not new. It only needs to be done once though the toy can use as non connected system.
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Yes, the requirement for the connection is only to set up a new speaker. Once all is set up, you can disconnect the internet connection and work offline with just your local music library, just like you have always done.
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We put a mixture of 7 players (ZP80 & ZP100) aboard back in 2007 all of which are connected to the LAN via CAT5 and until 2017 we have been able to add players without the internet - no question about it. Once in awhile a player will decide to lose its association and requires being setup anew. Also, when players completely died a replacement was brought from storage and added to the system. All accomplished without internet. Now that sort of fix at sea has become unavailable (lacking satellite WAN) and in summer 2017 we were without 2 zones for 5 weeks. Just disheartening to have utility like this change after the fact.
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You could have them already joined to your system while you have internet connectivity, then unplug them and set them aside. When you need one, you can connect it, rename it, and you have a new speaker working.
Googull is correct; an internet connection was NOT always required. Newer users just don’t know those days existed. Gone are the days you could control your own hardware for which you paid big $$.

Sonos is following along with all the home auto / voice / cloud streaming stuff. So, forcing authentication on everyone, whether or not they use those services or not. The account registration is new too pretty sure. I’ve had my system since 2012 - did not have an account then. In circa 2015 I set up a small system in my office (Connect and 2 1’s). For that I think I did need an account. I used my work email. I eventually took those devices home to add to my home system. I’ve recently noticed that my entire home system is now magically registered to my work email.

Sonos now requires you to opt-in to their new (anti)privacy policy or your devices can be bricked.

They’ve bricked the old CR100 controllers. Most likely soon the CR200 next is my guess. “Everyone has a smartphone!” they say. No, everyone does not.

Don’t be surprised if the ability to play from local music sources disappears eventually. “Everybody streams music!” they’ll say. No, they don’t. Esp. the earlier users who helped Sonos grow.

I get it - the World moves on and trends change. Companies have to adapt. Some companies are good about thinking of elegant ways to embrace the new while honoring commitments to early users (albeit commitments implied when taking their $$ for a described user experience). I thought Sonos was one of those companies. Sadly, I’ve started to recently think not. In the quest to remain relevant and open new revenue streams (which is a good thing) it is losing its soul by writing off and marginalizing the the types of user-experience a lot of early adopters find important, and which in some cases were the draw to Sonos in the first place.

Will I leave Sonos? No, probably not at this point (maybe when they start making me pay a monthly rental fee to play on devices I already purchased, lol) I’ve invested too much $$ and time.

But I’m no longer the enthusiastic referrer I used to be. Quite the opposite now. Do they care? Doubt it. They don’t have to. Companies that do care don’t do it because they have to - it’s harder and has to be a solid internalized corporate value.
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I find this need to LOGIN to use Sonos completely invasive and annoying to the point os seeking alternative systems.
They really are driving us away. No Controllers, More and more about online services and less about listening to good music.

1 - What if I have no Internet connection - I can now no longer use my SONOS products. THAT IS LUDICROUS.
I bought it because it worked as a standalone system. IT DID NOT NEED TO BE CONNECTED.
SONOS have decided to change this. There is no technical NEED or requirement. They can change it back

2- If I am not in house and the login is lost/dropped, then to reconnect if I am not there, then all my family have to have access to my SONOS Account and password to login. THAT IS ALSO LUDICROUS.
OK, SO I could set up a separate account, but then I lose the history and single point of contact and, as has already been proven, SONOS is unable to link Accounts. This is already my second since SONOS lost the initial account (or cannot merge the info).

3- Does this mean SONOS can now track what I listen to from my own system on my NAS?
Are you collecting 'whats playing' information ? for non online playing ?
Are you colelcting how often we are using the system and what ?
Where can I find out exactly what SONOS collects in data about my use of MY system. THIS IS NOT A SUBCRIPTION SERVICE. I DO NOT PAY SONOS Monthly.

I find the need to login just to use this system as un-necessary. I dont use Alexa, I dont use ONE, I dont intend to.
However, I accept Online has a good side. But it should be optional.
My kids use AppleMusic - so thats good. THey wil use Sonos for that occasionally.
I may use Audible from time to time... not sure yet.

But the bottom line is that I should be able to USE this system with no internet by design and/or by accident should my router or ISP fail. SONOS - MAKE IT SO PLEASE
[...] 2- If I am not in house and the login is lost/dropped, then to reconnect if I am not there, then all my family have to have access to my SONOS Account and password to login. THAT IS ALSO LUDICROUS. [...]
What are you talking about? There's no need for that. The Login is only required for setting up new components or after a factory reset.
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or an update ? I was prompted after an update... Happy to be told I am talking rubbish 🙂
Not needed for an update either. Only when adding a unit to the system.
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The registration should be once per device / serial number.

I have quite a few Sonos speakers and amongst them I have two Play:1s that spend most of their time as L+R Surrounds for my Playbase. Most weekends for lunch I’ll split them out of the Playbase and use them as standalone speakers outdoor, then put them back in as L+R Surrounds.

This means that I’m forced to put my password in to the Sonos OSX controller 4 times every weekend. No option to save the password in the keychain, no understanding of the fact that I’m setting up the same speakers using the same controller again and again. It’s quite tedious and very avoidable, I reckon!
Are you factory resetting them every time? Seems like you could just remove them as surrounds, and if they don't end up at that point as a stereo pair, it would be easy to pair them. Then you wouldn't need to enter in any credentials at all.
There is absolutely no need to reconnect/reregister the speakers every time you move them.
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Well, @jgatie, this is simply not true. Following an automatic update, I now have this message on the Android app.

Sonos, this is unacceptable. At the time I bought the device, this was not a requirement. I have no need for online services, and no need for voice control. It is not acceptable to change the purpose of a device retrospectively and prevent its use for the purpose advertised at the time of purchase. This is also a clear violation of a recommendation made by the European Parliament to fight software obsolescence. I will be contacting the European Consumer Centre to seek legal advice on this matter.
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From Sonos Support I got the following answer (shortened):

==== SNIP ====
It has always been a requirement, and you already have a Sonos account. Now you just need to verify it.

If you dont, you won't be able to upgrade to software version 9 or newer, and you will be blocked from connecting to our servers, which will make some features stop working.
==== SNAP ====

Well... I purchased my Sonos system at the time where it was a small upstart, which showed some great potential, and made some seemingly great products. At that time it was no requirement - neither was an internet connection as some people claims.

In fact I setup my Sonos with the CR200 controller, completely offline, so I would go so far as to say its bollocks. Maybe it was a requirement some way along the road - I cannot tell.

Fact is - a move like this should be optional - always - and always listen to your customers, however it seems that in the name of capitalism, when we all realized Sonos actually DID make some great products, they lost one of their core values, which is just sad.

Reality is - I do not really have any means of controlling my Sonos without applying a Sonos account, since the Android Controller refuses to move past the upgrade requirement, which demands an account.

And to everybody fiercely claiming its not that big an issue - please respect that we are some who thinks it is.

I am sick and tired - to the bone! - of companies who forces online accounts on their customers. I have so many online accounts, which really makes no sense at all. In my personal opinion they have one purpose, and one purpose alone: collecting information and statistical tracking.

I am simply avoiding any product I can, which requires an online account - which unfortunately most likely also will be the end of my beloved Sonos... what a waste.
You could not have set up your Sonos system without entering an email address and account information. This was a requirement when I bought my first ZP bundle in 2008, long before the CR200 was released. So I'm afraid your recollection of the process is incorrect.
Just installed the desktop app on a new laptop on my holiday location. Took me more than 1 hour to get things working, including the create an account trap.
This takes the joy out of getting some music up while entertaining some guests.
I'm sure my guests won't consider Sonos anymore.
And I'm definitely not buying any more Sonos stuff.
UPDATE: I was too positive, the software is still updating (the internet connection is quick enough to play YouTube, but not quick enough for sonos updates). So, actually no Sonos at all today, nor the rest of this holiday, I'm sure.
You could not have set up your Sonos system without entering an email address and account information.

Not entirely correct. Though one is always asked for a registration email address during initial setup, at least up until v6.x it was possible to leave the email address field empty and simply skip to the next setup step.
Lots of installers used this 'hack' back in the days, resulting in a lot of confused customers calling into Sonos tech support over the years with their households still being unregistered (or worse: registered to the installer's company email address, requiring a full household reset in order to get the HH registered correctly).
Constant updates and now registration with login required have made me go to a new manufacturer, much happier now and to be honest the sound quality is much better. Thank you Sonos! 😃
I am like many of the other old guys on this. Early Sonos was great and unique. Then they started doing things to control their customers and the account came along. Everything started going for a ****. I just bought a Sonos One to add to the 8 other products I have. That took all day to set up. Then I figured I'd replace my old bridge with a Boost just because. Should be easy right? I've spent 8 hours over the past 2 days and I can now get nothing to work, not even the old setup. This has gone from a pure delight to complete shit. I'm close to throwing the whole system in the garbage.
Didn't think I was going to reply to this, but the above has me flabbergasted.
I just can't understand how you've spent days trying to set up Sonos. I'm a Sonos user since 2013 (and it was definitely already required to enter your e-mail adress back then) and have added devices until as recently as December 2018. Never have I ever spent more than 15 minutes on setup. How you manage to stretch it to 8 hours is beyond me. What went differently to the first 8? Did you ever talk to Sonos support about it? As you've only just registered on this community, not sure if you've tried asking for any help, I think I would have if this had taken me so long.

In any case where I needed to spend more time on my Sonos setup, it was because of something outside of Sonos (my router or other network devices) not behaving like they should.