New One speakers

  • 12 January 2019
  • 5 replies

We purchased two One speakers, thinking to use them in a separate room to connect to our TV system as well as to stream music. When setting them up I could not see a way to connect them to our existing (non-Sonos) amp. Do we have to get additional equipment for that to be possible?

5 replies

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Yes. The Sonos Connect can send the audio from your amp (audio out) to other Sonos devices. A Play:5 can do this too (connect amp to aux in on Play:5).
Thanks - I talked to the dealer this am and will get the Connect; he says we can connect it to the satellite receiver and that should work. The speakers sound amazing, and the setup process from my iphone app was so easy! A very pleasant experience.
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The Connect will introduce a delay in the audio which might drive you crazy for TV use. Only the Beam/Playbase/Playbar are truly suitable for TV use (and the new AMP) as they have a low-latency all-digital audio path. The Connect and the other devices all need to do analog->digital conversion and add varying amounts of latency to the process.
Hmmm, guess I’ll find out. The two rooms are separated so hopefully the latency problem won’t be too bad. Thank you -
I had some Sonos speakers in the kitchen (separated from the living room) in my last house. Because I couldn't hear both sets of speakers at the same time, the lag didn't bother me at all.


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