New January 2018 App release

  • 24 January 2018
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If I update our speaker systems to the new app level, does that mean that any of the devices we currently use that do not meet the later level OS systems listed will no longer work with Sonos?

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6 replies

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It may not. But if it is no longer on the supported list then you have to assume it won't or that functionality will be compromised. It's a risk you consider before updating. By later I assume you mean earlier versions (i.e. Windows Xp as an example on the pc platform).
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If you can not upgrade to the below then yes that controller will stop working:

Minimum OS requirements

Android 4.3 or later
iOS 9 or later
macOS 10.10 or later
Windows 7 or later
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Alternative on those devices is use an alternate Sonos controller (such as Sonophone or SonosPad for iOS devices). Those will continue to function.
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Thank you for the responses. As I feared, another aspect of the built in obsolescence of digital devices! Pity there was so little advanced notice.

What's an appropriate amount of notice for this kind of thing?

Not being snarky, there's a wide variation on this from different software vendors, so I'm curious as to what you think would be the correct amount of notification. Perhaps Sonos will take it in to consideration, too 🙂
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Hi, John. Thanks for raising this. All advice provided has been accurate, your devices need to meet the minimum requirements to continue to properly (fully) function with your system. We do make an effort to send out an e-mail in advance of these updates but you may have missed that messaging. Further to Bruce's point, can you tell us how you would like to see it done differently? We are always grateful for feedback!