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Planning speaker wiring for a new construction. Beyond two surround-sound room setups that I'm comfortable with, I'm planning to wire for:

Kitchen/dining: 4 speakers on one volume control knob
Master Bedroom: 2 speakers on one volume control knob
Master Bath: 2 speakers on one volume control knob
Outdoor patio: 2 speakers on one volume control knob.

All of these wires will run from the volume control knob to a centralized spot in the basement where I plan to put the Sonos device(s) and anything else I need.

The indoor speakers will be Monoprice 4104's, the knobs probably Monoprice 8246 I think.
The patio speakers probably Monoprice 6971 through 8240 knob.

I'm fairly unfamiliar with concepts of wattage, impedence, ohms, etc. Because we're building a house, I would like to start out as cheap as possible, and purchase new components to add flexibility when funding allows. So I'd like to start with one Sonos Connect or ConnectAMP, with all aforementioned speakers required to play the same source, and volume knobs in the rooms to turn off/on or control volume.

From research I've developed two ideas:

I prefer the first idea, as it is cheaper, doesn't require the big investment in that big amp, and is obvious how I'll grow with Sonos in the future with other devices. But is there a power concern in trying to drive all those speakers from one Connect:AMP? It seems like that speaker selector is supposed to "just work" with this use case, but it kind of sounds like magic to me. Don't know where the power comes from for all the speakers.

Is there a reason I should ditch the volume control knobs?

Thanks for any advice.

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