• 25 June 2017
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My Playbar is connected to a router via ehternet. The router goes to the PC, via ehternet, to stream the music. My Sub connects via 5G from the Playbar. I'm wondering [1] should I use ethernet to connect to the Sub [2] if so, then why [3] if so, then via the router or the second port on the Playbar.

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3 replies

No need to, unless you're having issues with wireless interference causing the sub to drop out. Sonos is designed to be wireless for the most part, if it's working the way you have it set up, why change it?
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Thanks - no issue. So, I'm wondering what the point of having a second ethernet port on the Playbar is for then?
Earlier Sonos devices sported two Ethernet ports (the first even had four). This was essentially to allow them to be connected to a router without reducing the number of available ports, since a second device could be daisy-chained off the Sonos unit. In situations where players were installed in a central wiring closet a series of devices could be chained together.

Of the current products, this two-port provision still holds true for BOOST, CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP and PLAYBAR. My hunch would be that we're unlikely to see dual Ethernet ports on future players, certainly the integrated player/speakers.

To the original point, unless you have a problem I'd leave the SUB wireless. The 5GHz band is relatively uncongested, and the range required from the PLAYBAR is modest. The PLAYBAR will seek out the best channel automatically.