Need to replace CONNECT with CONNECT:AMP?

  • 27 February 2018
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I have a Connect that works great with my playbar, Play3, and several Play1's. i'd like to add some outdoor (wired Bose) speakers into the mix, but my understanding is that the wired speakers can only plug into a Connect:AMP, and not a Connect - is that accurate? If so, will I need to replace my Connect with a Connect:AMP, or is there another more cost-effective workaround that I should be aware of? Thank you!

Best answer by jgatie 27 February 2018, 19:04

You can use the Connect with a separate external amp to power the speakers.
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6 replies

You can use the Connect with a separate external amp to power the speakers.
thanks - i don't have a separate external amp but i imagine it might be cheaper to buy one than have to buy a new Connect:AMP. I can do some research on it, but just curious if you happen to know of any cheap but reliable external amps?
None myself. But I imagine anything that is rated for the speakers and has good distortion numbers will be fine.
much appreciated!
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Parts Express has good selection of amps you can hook to the connect. There is a Lepai 200W 2-speaker one has had good reviews. There is also a Lepai 45watt x 4 if you need to hook up 4 speakers.
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You might also consider looking for a used receiver to hook to the Connect. A lot of them are sitting around in storage because the folks that own them hate to throw them away but would be happy to give you one. If you can't get one free try your local ads or ebay and you might find something nice but cheap.