Need advice setting up Sonos. new Xfinity customer Multiple questions

  • 9 August 2019
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I am a new user and I am jumping into the Sonos ecosystem. Today I just switched to xfinity and Ive been scouring the community threads regarding how to best set up sonos on xfinty. I've read there can be some compatibility issues with xfi.

Please bear with me I have multiple questions.

My house is a challenge for Wifi. My home is in the shape of an L. There is a pool in the back yard that the L shaped house goes around. I have a seating area on the far side of the pool I will want to be able to control music from. My router is pretty much on the corner of the L. I know my xfi doesn't reach the ends of the L or the far side of the pool where the seating area is. Here is my challenge. If I understand correctly xfinity xfi runs on 5 Ghz. and there is a public 2.4 ghz. Ive ordered xfinity pods to enable my xfi coverage to extend to the ends of the L and the seating area by the pool. However are they just extending the 5 ghz band? Do I understand correctly that the extension of my wifi via pods wont aid my sonos gear that I want to install at the ends of the L and possible down the road to the the seating area on the far side of the pool?

From what Ive read its recommended to set up sonos to a wired bridge and I have purchased a bridge. I was planning on connecting to my router via an Ethernet cable. Is this still recommended in my install situation?

I am going to be setting up a beam and two play 1's in the basement to a tv that is directly below the router so Im not worried about that connecting. In the basement also have a dedicated 2 channel stereo system i was going to add into the system with a Connect I will be grouping to the Beam. My kitchen is in the middle of the L and I am going to install a play One to cover that area.

I will be adding 2 play 5 gen 2 in a 3 season room just off the kitchen that will project to the pool area.
Off topic questing, If my phone is running on the xfinity 5ghz xfi network on the far side of the pool will it be able to control the play 5's when outside by the pool?

On the far end of on of the L's is the master bathroom Im going to add either a take 1 or 5 depending on what the boss allows me to do lol. However there will be at least 60 ft between the kitchen speaker. I would assume the answer above for how to set up my whole system will impact the best way to get coverage extended to pick up the master bath.

Please excuse this last question but what happens if 2 or 3 people have the sonos app running and are trying to play music on the same speakers? If one person wants to play one song and another person wants to change it and play a different song? How does the sonos eco system deal with multiple users at the same time? Does one device get priority? It could get really irritating if multiple people can "control" whats being played.

I look forward to all tips and advice for a new user.

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The Bridge is no longer available, it was replaced by the Boost, which has better range and coverage. And yes, you should get a Boost and hardwire it to your router. That will solve any 5/2.4 GHz problems and stave off any issues with the Pods. Anything connected to your Xfinity router, on either band, will connect to Sonos via the Ethernet connected Bridge and the Sonosnet mesh.

As to the unit that is 60 feet away, if it cannot connect, you can place another Boost mid-way between the two. This one need not be wired to Ethernet. But try it without the Boost first, the mesh may be such that the connection is fine.

As to the controllers, each controller sees what is currently playing and can change the music at will. None takes priority. There is the ability to set volume limits and keep other settings behind a password, but control of the music is open to all. As to it getting irritating, I've found the loss of a cell phone for a day or two will quickly curb any hi-jinks by the youngins. 😉
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Caveat: I'm a long time Sonos user, but I live in a 1200 sq. ft. condo, so I haven't dealt with many WiFi issues. There are others here who can give more informed answers.

Wire as many Sonos units as you can conveniently reach with an Ethernet cable. Once you wire one, Sonos will try to form a mesh network that shares the same frequencies but is independent of your WiFi network. In many cases it will give better coverage than WiFi. If your speaker setup doesn't provide the coverage you want, you might consider strategically placing one or more Sonos Boost's - essentially a Sonos network component without any music playing capability.

Authorized controllers on the same WiFi network can control all Sonos devices regardless of how they communicate with the router - 2.4 ghz, 5 ghz, or Ethernet.

If two or three people try to control a speaker or grouped set, the last command will win. There is no priority. Lot's of people have asked for the ability to limit controllers so they can't fight, but, to my knowledge, Sonos doesn't offer anything like that. If the people holding the controllers want to fight, Sonos will let them.
Thank you all for your advice.