MY cloud HOME and public folder not seen in Explorer

  • 27 November 2021
  • 2 replies

Sorry to bring up this apparant old chestnut.  But I’ve spent 6 weeks with WD and got no where.

  • Using Sonos
  • WIN 10
  • WD MY Cloud Home

I have a sonos system and am using a WD My Cloud Home as the music server.  The private folders for general storage on the WD are visible and in operation.  However Sonos is not working either via the service app or via the public folder.  The latter is preferred as I believe the WD My Cloud app is no longer working.

I did have the puiblic folder visible in WIN 10 explorer and was able to upload a brief library.  Sonos can see it and operates fine. Hoever I cannot edit it any more as my PC cannot see the device nor the public folder .  IP Scanners show the device and WD discovery works fine. 

ANY help would be appreciated

2 replies

Windows uses a different protocol to ‘see’ the data on your NAS than the Sonos. There is a thread around that suggests how to turn on SMB v1 and NTML v1, which should allow the older Linux kernel running on the Sonos be able to see/access that data. 

Ah, here it is in this thread.

Additionally, it appears that Sonos S2 is slowly moving to SMB v2 and/or v3, so it might be helpful to know both which Sonos OS you’re currently using, as well as which Sonos devices you have. The above solution ‘should’ work, but it would be useful to have more information if it doesn’t. 

Note: the community has determined that there just isn’t enough memory available on S1 devices to store the additional data necessary to update the Linux kernel to higher versions of SMB, so if that’s what you’re running, pretty much the above potential solution is your final choice. 

Thank you Bruce.


Indeed I have SMB v1 enabled.  

I have found a lot of confusion re the My Cloud and the My Cloud Home.  I have a My Cloud “home”.  This does not have the same firmware (indeed I cannot alter it) and also the NTML settings appear unobtainable. Is this a NAS or a PC settings?  This leaves me unable to access the public folder for sonos operation.  Frustrating to say the least

Thanks for your old thread, but again appears this is for the My cloud devices not the “home”.  It appears I’ve made an expensive mistake in chosing this device.  If this cannot be made to work I will be seeking out another manufactuere (any suggestions?) and placing the “Home” into a pure back up roll