Multiple speakers on one connect amp

  • 13 March 2018
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Can you use one connect amp to control 3 sets of wired speakers? Can it damage the amp?

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3 replies

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Hello Brett67, welcome to the community.

The CONNECT:AMP is only able to play one source of music at a time. If you're using 4 speakers and they are in different rooms, then all rooms will play the same music. However, you can install an impedance matching speaker selector switch to toggle one pair of the speakers off and leave just one pair playing.

To attach 4 speakers to a single CONNECT:AMP, the speaker impedance must be 8 ohms. Anything outside of that may damage the CONNECT:AMP and speakers.

Here's an article with more information: Connecting speakers to a CONNECT:AMP
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Max 2 sets of wired speakers (8ohms).

If you want 3 sets you need to put one of these between the connect:Amp and speakers.

This will allow you to adjust balance of volume between the 3 sets (and cut ones you don't want off) plus allow the impedence going to connect:amp to be correct.
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If you don't already have the Connect Amp you might be happier with a plain Connect with no internal amplifier and adding an external amplifier that offers more options than the Connect Amp.