Multiple ARC's in basement with 4 TV's with Sub

I’m currently setting up roughly 1,500 square foot basement with 4 TV’s on north, south east and west walls.  I was thinking 4 SONOS Arc’s at each TV along with 1 sub for game time and music to keep the clean look and good sound throughout.  Anyone think this will work or should i switch some to play 5’s?

I’m looking for recommendations if this will be okay for both music and TV.  Comments please….

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Do you have an actual layout/floorplan you can share?  That’s going to have an impact if it’s not an square/rectangle space.  Will there be any walls?  Also, do you intend to have the TVs always on at the same time, playing the same source?   Is one TV going to be the primary viewing space with others as more supplemental?

I can envision a lot of ways to do this.  I would likely setup part of the space as a theatre/lounge area with an Arc/Sub/surrounds setup.  If there is a bar area, then I would use an amp for that TV with bookshelf or inwall passive speakers, or possible a Beam. For the rest of the space and 2 remain TVs, I would go with in ceiling speakers.  Ceiling speakers are best in spaces where there is no seating area/focal point to direct the sound too.  


75” TV in pool table area, 55” TV’s other 3 locations.  Plan to have Bar (probably main TV) and Pool table TV’s on all the time with the other 2 as needed for crowd.  Would probably be watching same game.  If seperate game, no sound on that game.  Plan to us ARC at 75” but am waiting on shipping to get it and the Sub.  Recently purchased a Beam but don’t want to leave the sound short.  Most likely the games would be on the wife playing music on the speakers.  Drywall is complete already so no in wall or ceiling available now but will have hardwire ethernet to all TV locations along with Baluns to each TV so they would be on the same source when needed.  Was thinking a sound bar at each location would act as surround sound and fill the space but am open to suggestions.  Thanks in advance!!

A little better floor plan picture.



I would have definitely gone with in ceiling speakers for this space if that were an option...I hate to say.  


For the pool area, you can use an Arc, and that will probably be the easiest setup.  You won’t really  get a great atmos effect though, and it won’t be ideal for music.  A Sonos amp with two speakers mounted on the wall, or 4, would be just as good for TV audio and much better for music.  Again, 4 speakers over the pool table would’ve been my choice.

The bar area is a similar situation. Arc would work, but amp would be better, especially pulling the speakers to the corners of that space so the bartender isn’t right next to the speaker(s) all the time.

The left side, same situation, but I’m not sure I would even put anything on the bottom TV location, although I can’t quite tell where it is.    Audio come from three directions should be fine, IMO. You can add it there later if you need to.

Also, surround sound is different channels of audio, not the same front channels of audio coming from behind you.