Multi-Speaker Room Placement Advice

  • 18 February 2018
  • 2 replies

Hello Sonos Community,

I have (2) Sonos Play 1 speakers in my kitchen-area and wanted to know some recommendations about speaker placement that will give me the best sound. I can either place the speakers 8 feet apart from each other, above the stove-top area, facing the direction of the larger part of the room or I could place one speaker above this area and the other on the opposite side of the room above the bookshelf.

I figure that separating the speakers this way would add the feeling of "surround", but wanted your advice if this would wash out the music or reduce the stereo effect.

Thank you!

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2 replies

The latter placement will yield zero stereo effect, but will do a better job of filling the space with music at the same sound levels. For kitchen sized spaces this isn't as important though, and the stereo pair above the stove top area should do a better job. The only thing to see is keeping the units clear from cooking/oil fume deposits. Placing both above the bookshelf might achieve that better.
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With respect, use your ears. What sounds best to you is the best placement 🙂