MP3s on a Flash Drive and using a Range Extender Router

  • 22 May 2017
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I'm thinking of getting my parents a SONOS to use to listen to their MP3s and also to Internet Radio.

I';m not certain of the bandwidth at their house but I know that when we all visit the connection for all of our phones slows down.

Can I use a Travel Router/Range Extender to plug in next to the SONOS, have the MP3s on a flash drive plugged into the travel router, and have the SONOS somehow access the MP3s from that rather than clogging up the WiFi network?

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3 replies

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Duplicate/similar post to

If you plug the Play 1 into the router and set up Boost mode Sonos creates it's own mesh network so this won't affect your Wi-Fi.

Also, others will correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think streaming to 1 Play 1 via your Wi-Fi network is not going to have any noticeable effect on the download speed from the Internet for other users. So set up in Wi-Fi mode shouldn't have a detrimental effect on the use of the internet by others if My Music on your network played (Obviously internet radio or other streaming music would have an effect on the Net bandwidth available).
Thanks Stuart. The other post is asking about general set up, and this is about range extenders.

Just to be sure I understand your reply - If I plug the SONOS into the extender using ethernet, and the internet goes down, will the SONOS still be able to access the songs on the flash drive?
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Yes that's correct. Though you probably need to make sure the drive is attached to the travel router/extender