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  • 10 January 2019
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What's involved with moving a Sub from TV speaker system to another room with my Play 5s? I'd like to test it before just buying another Sub for that room.

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6 replies

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Here and just above to re-add.
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Yea its really simple … you go into settings for the room that currently is using the sub. Click on remove sub and it will ask you the new room for it and you select the new room. A few seconds and its done.
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Thanks for the replies, looks easy enough.
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I bought the sub after reading innumerable rave reviews.
I can't say that I'm overwhelmed. The bass is there, but not worth the money. the Play 5 I bought at 30% less than the sub, sounds way better. I regret the purchase, it looks great, but doesn't seem to have value for money (IMO- I know there are legions here who swear by the sub, but my experience with it is this),

I don't hear any better sound because of the bass being piped to the sub freeing up my beam and ones, The bass is just bass, there is nothing special and, to be honest, I waaaay prefer the bass from my play 5
So, IMO, don't waste your cash on the sub,
if you can try and return it- I can't- get it , try it and return it if you feel the way I do.
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I have to disagree, The Sub in my TV room with a Playbar and 2 Ones shakes the walls, it's awesome and I had a pretty descent wired system in there before. The Sonos Sub is very good. Finally got around to switching it into my other room with the Play 5s where I play music and the Sub sounds great there too, definitely adds the needed bass. I'm use to lots of added bass because I've had subs in my cars since the early 90s.
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I do have to say that switching the sub from one set to another wasn't as easy as the literature says. I had to leave it unplugged for a while, the light never flashed green but I managed to finally get it working.


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