Moved from Canada to US. How do I access US streaming services now?

  • 17 April 2017
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I've just moved and my Sonos system which was setup in Canada is now in the US. I cannot see Amazon or Pandora so clearly I need to change something in my setup. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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6 replies

Pretty sure you need to change your account registration here on the Sonos website to indicate that you're now a US based person. Your account probably says your a Canadian (or is that Canadien?) and is geo-locking you out of all the goodness that is the US, music wise.
Login here:

Edit your account profile, changing your current address and country of registration.
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Thank you. I've done that. There must be another step, because they still don't show up. Perhaps I need to power cycle everything?
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Correction. They are showing up now! I guess it just took a few moments to update. Thank you!!
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Yeah, if the change doesn't take within a couple of minutes, you can force it by having your Sonos system check for updates in the controller. 🙂
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I use a mix of US, Brasil and Canadian registered streaming accounts on my Canadian Sonos account in Brasil (and in Canada when I’m there). It’s never been a problem, with the exception of Slacker and Canadian Sirius, which are geoblocked (nothing to do with Sonos). And even that took only about five minutes’ effort to get around. Based on this, I’m surprised you even had issues.