Missing Products on My Account

  • 17 November 2017
  • 3 replies

I have had my Sonos account since 2014, however, it seems I do not have any products linked to that account. I am sure they were there when I created the account.

When I have tried linking Sonos player app to my Sonos account, confirm e-mail, I get

"Sonos is currently registered to j***
To set up your Sonos account, type the full email address below."

I type in my e-mail address, the same one as this account and I am told

"This email does not match. Please try again."

What am I missing / doing wrong?

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3 replies

Hi, I'm being searching and I had the same issue, just realize recently after moving house and also buy a sub without successfully link devices to my account.
Also update the app but not luck and strangely the account is not knowing to me at all maybe being hack?
some g****

Regards and any help is welcome.

I have the same problem as this one, posted a month ago. Sonos providing no support..?
If you're really concerned, I think you could potentially factory reset the missing speaker, and reset it up, which should force it to be added to your account. I'd be rather careful about doing that, though. If you only have one speaker, a factory reset will remove all data from it, including playlists, etc.